Car battery warning lights

Car battery Light on your dashboard What does it mean? Check your dash before you start the car and you’ll see a light that looks like a little battery with a “+” and “-” sign on it. This is your battery or charging light. What should you do if it comes on while you’re driving? … Continued

Motorist Winter Checklist

Autosolutions E K, East Kilbride: Our Must-Read Winter Drivers’ Guide Give your car a health check with our car winter checklist! Now that winter is on the horizon, it’s critical that you prepare your car for the colder months. As many as 20% of drivers fail to make any checks, at all, in other months, … Continued

Winter Air Conditioning

Winter Air Conditioning Autosolutions E K, East Kilbride – Some Expert Advice on Your Air Con This Winter Most people only use their air conditioning system during summer however, these vehicle owners could well be damaging the vital components of their air con system without even realising. Here we explain why, as well as describing … Continued

A Three Step Winter Car Check

Get ahead of the winter blues: A Simple Three-step winter car check Auto Solutions EK – How to keep your car healthy during the winter It goes without saying that even the most efficient, loyal and trustworthy car can give you problems the moment cold weather strikes. The New Year gives us an opportunity to … Continued