Simple things you can do to prepare your vehicle for winter

Preparing your vehicle for winter is important as it can help you avoid an unnecessary breakdown. Winter is one of the most difficult seasons of the year, we rely on our cars more and there are more precautions you have to take. From icy roads to frozen windscreens – it can all be a bit … Continued

A guide to understanding Brexit and the motor industry

Let’s set the scene of a monumental day in British history that took place last year. It’s Thursday, 23rd June 2016… need we say anymore? In case you can’t remember let’s say that really cringey word – Brexit. Right, now the scenes have been set we can discuss how it’s going to affect the motor … Continued

4 female bloggers that are helping women in the motor industry

Are female bloggers taking over the internet? The motor industry has always been seen as a male-dominated workplace but in recent years more women have started working in the industry. Thanks to social media and blogging women have voices and a place to share their opinions. If you’re not sure what we’re on about let’s … Continued

Our guide to preventing a car breakdown this summer

Everybody wants to prevent a car breakdown Every summer people get ready to set off on their holidays. Whether it’s a family weekend away at Alton Towers or a road trip to a European country. It’s one of the most exciting parts of the year but while traveling, there is always the risk of having … Continued

Speeding laws and new fines

Speeding laws are getting stricter and fines are getting higher Here’s what you need to know about the changes that were made this year to speeding fines Good drivers know what the legal speed limits are on the roads that they drive on regularly but what if you’re driving in a new area and aren’t … Continued

Summer Car Checks – Looking after your car

4 Summer Car Checks you can Conduct on your Car this Summer Now that it’s a steady temperature of at least 15 degrees a day in the UK, come rain or shine, we’d classify it as our ‘summer’. Despite the disheartening weather, we always make the most of the sunshine and there seems to be … Continued

Breakdown Guide – What to do

Auto Solution EK’s guide to breaking down in your car Breakdown Guide – What to do when you’ve broken down on the roads Breaking down at the side of the road is a scenario that we all dread and pray that we will never experience, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. At Auto Solutions EK, we strongly … Continued

A Car Tyre Checklist

The car tyre health checklist Auto Solutions EK’s Guide on How to Check your Car Tyres Car tyres are a highly neglected part of vehicle maintenance, but they’re also an essential part of keeping you on the road. It’s something that all cars have in common as it holds vehicles up and keeps them moving. Doing … Continued

How to get hold of your car’s service history

3 ways to get your car service history  Auto Solutions EK’s guide to help our customers get an up to date car service history One of the most important parts of having a car is maintaining it and keeping it running to a good standard. A big part of successfully keeping your car running is… … Continued