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What is ADAS?

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assist Systems. They make your life easier with driving and parking help. They also give the car some autonomous control over selected functions. ADAS ranges from level 0 (information for the driver to interpret, with the car having no control) to level 5 (a self-driving car). The most common levels are 0, 1 and 2. Level 1 and 2 functions are fairly similar as they give the car autonomous functionality. However, level 1 systems only give the car control over one thing, whereas it can control several at level 2. What’s more, these features are becoming more common. In 2019, 8% of all cars sold in Europe had level 2 ADAS features included. And that means more drivers need to know how to keep their system working properly.

What ADAS systems does my car have?

Modern cars have many ADAS functions. These include parking sensors, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, cruise control, emergency brake assist, autonomous parking, lane departure warnings, satnav and traffic warnings, anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control. If you have any of these features, your car is fitted with ADAS. However, this is not an extensive list. Your vehicle handbook will give you a better idea of the full list of systems that you have access to.

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ADAS Calibration

ADAS calibration is the process of adjusting a camera or sensor that controls the system. This guarantees that your in-car systems receive accurate information while driving along. These cameras and sensors capture a full image of the car and the road. You will need an ADAS recalibration after a wheel alignment adjustment, windscreen replacement or suspension change. You should also book one if you see a fault code on the dashboard or if the camera has been disconnected.

The importance of high-quality ADAS calibration

A misaligned camera or sensor means that your system won’t work properly. This makes driving dangerous and increases your chance of an accident. The sensors are often fitted in vulnerable places, such as tyres, windscreens, bumpers and wing mirrors. This means even the smallest collision can knock them out of place, reducing the accuracy of your system. As your system needs accurate information at all times, booking an ADAS recalibration when needed is highly important.

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