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Tyre Repairs and Replacements in East Kilbride - Auto Solutions East Ltd

Tyre fitting and wheel alignment in East Kilbride

Auto Solutions East Ltd provides tyre repairs including replacement tyres and fitting, wheel alignment, puncture repairs and wheel balancing in East Kilbride. We stock and supply a wide range of premium, mid-range and budget tyres to suit your vehicle. Our team work on any makes and models, fitting tyres to your particular make of vehicle. We get work done efficiently and accurately so that you can get back on the roads.

Worried about your car tyre tread?

Car tyres are one of the most common reasons for an MOT failure. If you’re worried about your tyre tread and not sure if your car will pass, we’ll take a look for you. The minimum tyre tread for an MOT pass is 1.6mm, anything below that and you’re looking at replacing your tyres for new ones. At Auto Solutions East Ltd, we provide visual inspections on your tyres in East Kilbride. We’ll examine your tyres as well as other components that might be affecting the tread such as your wheel alignment to make sure that your car is safe on the roads.

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How do I know if I need tyre repairs?

In addition to checking your tyre tread to see if you need new tyres, it is also important that your car tyres are correctly inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications. If you’re not sure what this is, then you can check your vehicle handbook for details, we’ll also help you out at our garage if you’re still not sure. Just pop in and ask!

If your tyres are over-inflated it can cause excessive wear to your tyres. This can shorten their lifespan, and can mean you spend unnecessary money on new tyres. Furthermore, it can add to fuel consumption and increased the chances of impact damage and bumps. You also need to check the condition of your tyres for bumps, bulges or cuts. This can impact you as you’re driving and your tyre can blow. If you notice anything strange about your tyres, contact us at Auto Solutions East Ltd. We’ll take a look and then inform you if any repairs or replacements are needed.

Puncture repairs and tyre replacements

Auto Solutions East Ltd also provides puncture repairs for punctures that meet the British Standard. If you’re suffering from a punctured tyre, only the central area of the tyre can be fixed and the tyre must be inspected for signs of internal damage as well because otherwise, it can be dangerous to drive it on the roads. If we can, we’ll repair the puncture, otherwise, we’ll recommend a replacement tyre for your vehicle instead. We’ll let you know what we can do and if a replacement is needed before doing the work. We can also advise on the best care for your tyres. Book online today.

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