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Dual Clutch Replacement in East Kilbride – Auto Solutions East Ltd

Dual Clutch Replacement


Clutch replacements and repairs available in East Kilbride

Our team have specialist knowledge of dual clutch vehicles

Clutches are one of the most important parts of your vehicle’s transmission system as it allows you to change gears. Dual clutches are more advanced than traditional clutches and need specialist knowledge. At our garage, we can offer expert advice about dual clutches, so, if your vehicle’s transmission system is in need of a check - we are happy to help. We can provide a range of dual clutch services and will be happy to provide a quote when you enquire about the dual clutch service at our garage.

What exactly is a DSG clutch and system?

A direct-shift gearbox (DSG) is an electronically controlled dual-clutch, multiple-shaft manual gearbox that doesn’t have a clutch pedal and is fully automatic or has semi-manual control. It’s very similar to the traditional automatic clutch system and uses the park, neutral and drive options. Once your start driving it will happily change gear for you - but there are also options to stay in gears for longer to improve acceleration. It can also revert to a fully manual mode and you can choose when to change gears yourself.

We can offer DSG clutch repairs and replacements

The highly-qualified technicians at our garage can provide dual clutch repairs and replacements. This is thanks to a combination of our mechanics specialist knowledge as well as our state of the art equipment. Keeping our facilities updated with the latest technology available in the motor industry allows us to provide specialist DSG clutch services. We are proud to offer this service at a competitive price that beats main dealerships. If you would like to know more or would like to book your vehicle in for a service - you can contact us via the form below.

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