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5 Key Etiquette Based Driving Tips

Here at Auto Solutions in East Kilbride, we’ve noticed that not every driver completely respects road etiquette. If everyone drove like they did when they passed their driving test, the road would be a much more harmonious place. We hope to help create that environment by offering some gentle reminders and promote good etiquette with these driving tips.

Merging onto the motorway

Our first driving tip involves joining the motorway from the slip road. While it’s important to build up speed to merge safely, you must remember that drivers already on the motorway have right of way. Merge behind cars where possible, especially if there’s a lot of open space. If you aggressively cut someone up, all you do is anger them and potentially cause an accident.

Driving in the correct lane

The Highway Code states that you should drive in the left-hand lane as much as possible. The middle and right-hand lanes are designated for overtaking, not cruising. If the motorway is clear, pull over and let other drivers looking to overtake pass you. Undertaking isn’t illegal, but it’s certainly frowned upon and many drivers refuse to do it as a result. Don’t be the driver who clogs up the motorway by cruising in the right-hand lane for no reason.

Don’t tailgate

Another popular gripe among drivers. Even if you feel someone is moving too slowly, don’t drive too closely or honk your horn to give them the hurry up. Leave at least two seconds between you and the car in front in free-flowing traffic and, if you want to get around a slow driver on the motorway, safely pull into another lane and overtake. This driving tip won’t just you prevent you irritating others – it keeps you safe and gives you enough time to react should the car in front brake suddenly.

Move around parked cars correctly

Aside from these motorway driving tips, another example of etiquette involves dealing with parked cars on residential streets. If the cars are parked on your side of the road, you don’t have right of way. It’s your responsibility to pull over and let other drivers through. If there are cars parked on both sides of the road, slow down and make sure the other driver acknowledges you before pulling out. It’s always best to stop rather than speed up and force the other driver to avoid you.

Always thank other drivers

Finally, one of the most important driving tips of all. If another driver does something courteous to help speed your journey up, show them a simple gesture of appreciation. Raising your hands in thanks, mouthing the words ‘thank you’ or a simple thumbs up go a long way towards keeping the roads a happy place. And don’t be the driver who doesn’t let people in either. If we all let one driver in every time there’s a queue, the roads flow more smoothly.

These driving tips may be simple, but they go a long way towards improving the road environment. Simple displays of etiquette let drivers know that you appreciate what they’re doing for you as well as keeping dreaded road rage from rearing its ugly head.