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Car breakdown - What to do when you breakdown

A woman looking under the bonnet of her car

Breakdown Guide – What to do when you’ve broken down on the roads

Breaking down at the side of the road is a scenario that we all dread and pray that we will never experience, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. At Auto Solutions East Ltd, we strongly recommended getting your car regularly serviced and getting your vehicle checked out before an MOT test so that your car can stay running smoothly for long and you can avoid breakdowns. However, if you ever find yourself on the side of the road with a broken down car, there is a number of simple steps to follow to ensure that you remain safe at all times. Our breakdown guide highlights some tips and tricks you can do to keep you safe if you’ve broken down.

Your safety is important to us, so we want to help make sure if you have broken down in the East Kilbride, Glasgow area or wherever, that you know what to do in that situation.

Whether you find yourself pulling into the verge of a carriageway or on a quiet country road, moving traffic should always be seen as a danger, a potential hazard to your personal safety. Here is our breakdown guide so you know what to do in case of an accident or breakdown.

Safety first – Turn your wheels to the left

No matter where you find yourself, standing beside an overheated vehicle, putting your safety first is the most important thing to remember.

If you find yourself driving along the carriageway and your engine is struggling to power or suddenly becomes low on petrol when the time does come to pull over, be sure to turn your steering wheel to the left before stopping completely. This is to act as a guarantee that if a car was to come driving into you from behind, the car will drive further into the hard shoulder instead of the busy road.

Leave your vehicle

After finding your car is no longer running and lifeless on the side of the road, the first thing you should do is to exit the vehicle.

When exiting your vehicle make sure that you and all other passengers leave the car from the left side of the car. If there is a barrier between the fast cars and your broken vehicle, be sure to keep everyone behind it, keeping them safe in the event of your vehicle being hit by a moving car.

Leave any repair work to the mechanics

Unless you happen to be able to drive your car into a safe location like a lorry park or a garage, leave any vehicle inspection and repair work to a mechanic.

By examining your vehicle on the side of a busy motorway, you are potentially endangering your life by increasing the chances of you being hit by a fast moving vehicle. Stay safe and call your local garage or breakdown service and keep well out of the way.

When to stay in the car

Surprisingly, there are a few circumstances where it is advised to stay inside of your car, instead of waiting safely outside.

If you find yourself in an unknown part of a town, it is advised to remain inside of the vehicle with the locks on. Similarly, if your vehicle has broken down in the middle of the motorway before you made it to the hard shoulder, it is advised to remain in the vehicle with the seat belts on and the hazard lights on.

Purchasing roadside cover

When you purchase your yearly car insurance there is always the option of adding extras, such as breakdown cover which includes roadside recovery and repair.

Purchasing this option is a great way to leave you with peace of mind that if anything was to happen, you are covered and protected. If you find yourself standing beside your broken down vehicle on the side of a busy motorway, by giving your insurance company a quick call, they will send out a knowledgeable mechanic, helping fix your vehicle and getting you back onto the road.

If you choose not to purchase the add-on of vehicle breakdown recovery, a number of local garages offer their customers the option of an accident recovery and breakdown service. It’s best to choose a local garage you can rely on, so you know that the work will be done professionally and they will come get you in due time.

Be prepared with regular vehicle servicing

No one wishes to have their vehicle break down on the side of the road and no matter how safe and healthy your vehicle may feel, a long distance journey on the motorway can play havoc with your car.

If you want to feel confident that your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible, regular servicing and conducting all necessary repair work can ensure that your vehicle is running at its full capacity, preventing any future breakdown. Our breakdown guide helps our customers to stay safe in the case of a breakdown, but it can be avoided if you keep looking after your car.

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