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Four things you should know about a DSG gearbox

A DSG Gearbox

You used to have two gearbox choices but now manual and automatic have been joined by a third option: a DSG or Direct Shift Gearbox. It’s been around for some time but it’s not an exceptionally popular option, so we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about a DSG gearbox.

How does a DSG gearbox work?

Unlike a standard gearbox, a DSG gearbox uses two clutches to deliver speedy and smooth gear changes. The second clutch predicts what gear you want next and readies it, meaning your gearbox is always predicting your next move. Your car can also recommend gear changes by electronically monitoring your driving style and efficiency. This helps improve acceleration and sporty performance of your car.

Where can it be found?

Nowadays, most modern sports cars are equipped with a DSG gearbox. This makes sense considering the levels of speed and performance it can deliver. Every manufacturer has a different design and calls their gearbox by a different name, but most 6 or 7 speed gearboxes are DSG gearboxes.

How can it go wrong?

A DSG gearbox suffers from the same wear and tear as a normal automatic gearbox and is usually incredibly reliable, considering the extra stress placed on it. It is expected to change gear in a hundredth of a second so it will deteriorate with age or misuse. If you notice any juddering or shuddering, excess noise or slowness in changing gear or your car struggles to speed up in certain gears, your DSG gearbox might need repairing.

What can I do to fix one?

Like any gearbox issue, dealing with a DSG gearbox fault requires professional attention. If you suffer a problem with yours on the roads around East Kilbride, bring it to Auto Solutions East Ltd. We’re DSG gearbox specialists who can get you back on the road in no time.

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