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Our guide to preventing a car breakdown this summer

A woman looking under the bonnet of her car

Everybody wants to prevent a car breakdown

Every summer people get ready to set off on their holidays. Whether it’s a family weekend away at Alton Towers or a road trip to a European country. It’s one of the most exciting parts of the year but while traveling, there is always the risk of having your car breakdown. It can happen for multiple reasons and it can be time consuming and expensive. So, how can you minimise the risk of a car breakdown? You should be aware of the most common types of breakdowns and then keep note of how they can be avoided. We’ve put together this guide to help you do just that (you can thank us later).

Overheated engines

The further we get into summer, the more likely this is to happen due to the rising temperatures. It’s thought that overheated engines are one of the most common causes of car breakdowns. This is due to the engine’s coolant system having to cope with higher operating temperatures. This can leave the system vulnerable, for example, a simple sweep on a deteriorating seal could quite easily escalate into a leak.

Tip: It can be avoided by checking your vehicle’s coolant level regularly – if it’s low we suggest that you take it to your local garage to get checked over. If you’re unsure where the reservoir is you can locate it by simply referring to your vehicle’s Guide.

Flat batteries

Car batteries are often forgotten about and drivers usually assume that it’s a part of the car that ‘will always work’. It is a common reason behind a car breakdown. However, it is often at risk of going flat because we drain its energy without realising. It powers the air con, the sound system, the sat nav and the ‘car phone charger’. And all of these things can put a strain on the car battery too.

Tip: To regenerate its charge we recommend driving your car regularly. Driving your car for a minimum of 30 minutes once a week can help to improve its power supply. However, if your battery is over five years old we suggest getting a new one fitted at your local garage.

The clutch

The smell of a burning clutch is definitely unpleasant but why does it cause cars to break down? Well, with a combination of warm weather and lots of traffic it’s more likely to get strained. They’re also prone to wear and tear over time and need to be replaced periodically.

Tip: With your clutch there is not much you can do to prevent it from breaking. However, there are a couple of things you can look out for to know when it’s time to get it fixed. For example, if you accelerate with a bit of strength and you see the engine revs rising but the car doesn’t move forward. Another thing to look out for is if your car judders when you lift the clutch pedal to pull away. If either of these things happens, you should speak to a mechanic at your local garage so that they can fix it for you.

We want to make sure that you enjoy your summer as much as possible, so it is important that you do your best to prevent breakdowns. This is in the best interest of your safety, as well as others around you. Book online today.