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Three Winter Driving Tips to Keep You Safe

A car driving through snow

Wild winter weather can arrive suddenly and leave drivers stranded wherever they are, but we’ve noticed it can affect the roads around East Kilbride worse than most. If you get caught out, it’s always worth knowing the best winter driving tips to help you get where you’re going as safely as possible. Here are our top three safety tips, both for you and your car this winter.

Winter driving tip number one: Prepare yourself and your car correctly

You’ll often need more time on a cold winter’s morning to get everything ready. Most’ importantly of all, you should never try and drive without full visibility. Deice your windscreen and all your windows before you set off, not while you’re moving. What’s more, you should never set off with less than a quarter of a tank of fuel. If someone else gets into trouble and causes a delay, you don’t want to be running out when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. Keep an eye on your tyre pressure as well and make sure it’s always maintained to your manufacturer’s specifications.

Winter driving tip number two: Always drive smoothly and gently

If the road is icy, slushy or covered in snow, your tyres won’t have as much grip as they would on a dry road. You should always try and avoid wheelspin, so pull away in second gear. Bring the clutch up slowly and smoothly to achieve as much purchase as you can. What’s more, a really important winter driving tip is to try and stop as little as possible. If you do have to slow down, try and use engine braking as much as possible or press the brake pedal gently. Never slam on the brakes as you could lose control. When it comes to stopping, make sure you don’t come to a complete stop on a hill because you might struggle to get going again.

Winter driving tip number three: Drive only when absolutely necessary

This is possibly the most important winter driving tip of all. Don’t tempt fate and set off on a journey that you don’t need to make, no matter how safe you think your driving is. If the roads look dangerous and there’s the threat of more bad weather, staying at home is probably best.

If you do have to venture out in bad weather this winter, follow these simple driving tips to improve your chances of reaching your destination safely. If you notice your car has any faults or needs repairs when you’re preparing it for winter, why not book an appointment to have it fixed? Book online today and face the season with full confidence in the condition of your car.