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Winter Air Conditioning - How to use your air con

A person turning on their air conditioning

Autosolutions E K, East Kilbride – Some Expert Advice on Your Air Con This Winter

Most people only use their air conditioning system during summer however, these vehicle owners could well be damaging the vital components of their air con system without even realising. Here we explain why, as well as describing why you should continue to use your air con, even in the winter months.

Winter and your Air Conditioning system

Air conditioning produces dry air – it’s this that provides a cooling effect to the interior of our cars. What many fail to appreciate however is that this dry air can be incredibly useful during winter, as it counteracts the condensation that collects inside a car, and helps to defrost windows more quickly. This happens because air con is, in practice, a dehumidifier. Simply turn on your air conditioning, with your heating set to hot, for faster defrosting.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning throughout Winter

Beyond being useful for defrosting in winter, there are further reasons why using your air con is vital during these months. First and foremost, it ensures that the core components of the system don’t seize up (much like your clutch would if your vehicle were sat idle for months).

Regular use also ensures that the refrigerant chemicals and oil in the system don’t sit for too long and that the lubricant can work its way around the system, protecting the mechanisms and components.

For all of these reasons, regularly using your air conditioning over this winter should be considered just as important as all the other winter checks and maintenance tasks you should undertake.

Autosolutions E K, East Kilbride can tackle any air conditioning repair or component replacement, and can also ensure that your vehicle is fully prepared for the most demanding of driving environments this winter. To book in, or for advice and guidance, just get in touch.