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Winter Checklist

Winter is here and whether you love it or hate it we all have to deal with it. While there’s many public holidays to look forward to - driving in this season isn’t part of that excitement. It’s dark when you leave in the morning and when you’re coming home in the evening. You have to take extra precautions and leave for your journey earlier because of the cold weather. And, you have to be more alert than usual when driving on the roads. To make things slightly easier we’ve put together a list of things you should check on your car.

1. LIGHTS - When you’re parked safely and off the road we recommend turning on all of your lights and walking around your vehicle to make sure they’re all in good working order.

2. WINDSCREEN - Keep an eye out on your screen when you’re driving. If you spot any chips or cracks get it repaired immediately to prevent long term damage.

3. THE SPARE TYRE - If you have a spare tyre, be sure to check it from time to time. It’s also important that you know how to change it yourself and have the equipment needed to do so. (If you don’t have a spare tyre we recommend that you get one!)

4. TYRE SIDEWALL - You should check this to find out what condition your tyres are in - if you spot any cuts or bulges it’s important to get it a new set of tyres ASAP.

5. TYRE TREAD DEPTH - The legal requirements for your tread depth are 1.6 mm. You can check this using a 20p coin by inserting it into the tyre tread. If the tread is in line with the rim of the coin the tyres meet the legal requirements.

6. UNDER THE BONNET - Checking your engine oil, brake fluid, screenwash and anti-freeze levels from time to time will help you to keep your vehicle in good condition.

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