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Auto Solutions East Ltd - SLT Remapping

What is SLT Remapping?

SLT remapping is a highly sophisticated engine remapping which delivers customised remaps at an affordable price. Usually, we complete the entire process in less than an hour. It’s suitable for any vehicle in the East Kilbride area, even non high-performance vehicles (vans, family cars etc). You might not think engine remapping will work for you, but all manufacturers standardise their engine outputs to sell in as many different countries as possible. This means you’re missing out on some performance, no matter what vehicle you drive! Not every remapping software is suitable for all makes and models, but we tailor our SLT remaps to your vehicle. This means that you get a custom job which perfectly suits your needs. We also offer DPF solutions which bring their own benefits!

How does it benefit you?

With Auto Solutions East LTD and SLT Remapping, you get a custom product designed alongside you. Some remapping software still feels “off-the-shelf” - but not SLT. SLT remapping goes one step further than regular engine remapping. Not only does it override the standard engine and improve your performance and economy, but it can help you prioritise what matters the most. If you want your car to feel sportier or make each tank of fuel last longer, book an appointment with us today. We’ll work with you to deliver a product that benefits you the most.

How Auto Solutions EK delivers SLT Remapping to you

We’re an authorised SLT remapping dealership in East Kilbride with authentic SLT equipment. We make it simple to achieve high standards of performance. Our friendly mechanics will discuss the specification of your remap, agree on a plan with you and then create and install the software. There’s nothing else to it! There are no hidden costs, no unnecessary work and no waiting around! You’re more than welcome to wait in our onsite waiting room while we complete the work. You’ll soon see the benefits of booking an SLT remap with Auto Solutions East LTD, so fill out our online booking tool to discuss an estimate!

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To book a discussion about your SLT remap, enter your registration number and a suitable appointment date into our online booking tool. It’s available 24/7, 365 days a year. Once you’ve booked the initial appointment, we’ll be in touch to discuss your issue and start working out how we can help. Alternatively, why not give our friendly team a call? We’ll talk you through your options and offer a no-obligation quote. What’s more, you never pay a penny until after your appointment!

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