Winter Checklist

Winter is here and whether you love it or hate it we all have to deal with it. While there’s many public holidays to look forward to - driving in this season isn’t part of that excitement. It’s dark when you leave in the morning and when you’re coming home in the evening. You have... Read More

Why is it important for learner drivers to go on the motorway?

Is it necessary? One of the things new drivers are most anxious to do when they first pass their test is driving on the motorway. However, that’s all about to change as learner drivers are now officially allowed to have lessons on the motorway. The only condition is that they must be in a dual... Read More

The ultimate Father’s Day motor gift guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner and that means we have to find our dads the perfect gift. But what do you get the man who has everything? What do you get the man who says he doesn’t want presents? We’ve put together the best motor related gift guide to fit everyone’s needs and... Read More

How to make sure you have a healthy air conditioning system

With summer approaching and a recent heatwave, it’s important to get your car air conditioning checked now. Having a healthy car air conditioning system can be the difference between a comfortable, cool journey and getting hot and bothered. When you get regular maintenance on your car’s air conditioning it can make a huge difference to... Read More

3 things you can do to prepare for your MOT test

It’s thought that around four out of every ten MOT tests result in failure in the UK every year. Here are three ways to avoid getting caught up in this by running checks on your vehicle. 1. Brakes One in 10 MOT test failures are caused by dodgy brakes and it can be avoided by... Read More

Here are some of the most iconic film and television vehicles of all time

Film and television are great sources of entertainment. Whether you are watching a film with your family or spending some time by yourself. Our passion for motors in evident and there are many films and TV shows that understand that. They use vehicles as props to enhance comedy or maybe even to go time travelling.... Read More

Simple things you can do to prepare your vehicle for winter

Preparing your vehicle for winter is important as it can help you avoid an unnecessary breakdown. Winter is one of the most difficult seasons of the year, we rely on our cars more and there are more precautions you have to take. From icy roads to frozen windscreens – it can all be a bit... Read More

A guide to understanding Brexit and the motor industry

Let’s set the scene of a monumental day in British history that took place last year. It’s Thursday, 23rd June 2016… need we say anymore? In case you can’t remember let’s say that really cringey word – Brexit. Right, now the scenes have been set we can discuss how it’s going to affect the motor... Read More

4 female bloggers who are helping women in the motoring industry

Are female bloggers taking over the internet? The motor industry has always been seen as a male-dominated workplace but in recent years more women have started working in the industry. Thanks to social media and blogging women have voices and a place to share their opinions. If you’re not sure what we’re on about let’s... Read More

Our guide to preventing a car breakdown this summer

Everybody wants to prevent a car breakdown Every summer people get ready to set off on their holidays. Whether it’s a family weekend away at Alton Towers or a road trip to a European country. It’s one of the most exciting parts of the year but while traveling, there is always the risk of having... Read More

Speeding fines and new laws

Speeding laws are getting stricter and fines are getting higher Here’s what you need to know about the changes that were made this year to speeding fines Good drivers know what the legal speed limits are on the roads that they drive on regularly but what if you’re driving in a new area and aren’t... Read More

Summer Car Checks - Looking after your car

4 Summer Car Checks you can Conduct on your Car this Summer Now that it’s a steady temperature of at least 15 degrees a day in the UK, come rain or shine, we’d classify it as our ‘summer’. Despite the disheartening weather, we always make the most of the sunshine and there seems to be... Read More

Winter Air Conditioning - How to use your air con

Autosolutions E K, East Kilbride – Some Expert Advice on Your Air Con This Winter Most people only use their air conditioning system during summer however, these vehicle owners could well be damaging the vital components of their air con system without even realising. Here we explain why, as well as describing why you should... Read More

Winter Car Check - Three step guide to check your car in the winter

Get ahead of the winter blues: A Simple Three-step winter car check Auto Solutions EK – How to keep your car healthy during the winter It goes without saying that even the most efficient, loyal and trustworthy car can give you problems the moment cold weather strikes. The New Year gives us an opportunity to... Read More

Motorist Winter Checklist

Autosolutions E K, East Kilbride: Our Must-Read Winter Drivers’ Guide Give your car a health check with our car winter checklist! Now that winter is on the horizon, it’s critical that you prepare your car for the colder months. As many as 20% of drivers fail to make any checks, at all, in other months,... Read More

How to check your car service history

3 ways to get your car service history Auto Solutions EK’s guide to help our customers get an up to date car service history One of the most important parts of having a car is maintaining it and keeping it running to a good standard. A big part of successfully keeping your car running is…... Read More

Car Tyre Checklist - How to check your tyres: Auto Solutions EK

The car tyre health checklist Auto Solutions EK’s Guide on How to Check your Car Tyres Car tyres are a highly neglected part of vehicle maintenance, but they’re also an essential part of keeping you on the road. It’s something that all cars have in common as it holds vehicles up and keeps them moving.... Read More

Car battery warning lights and what they mean

Car battery Light on your dashboard What does it mean? Check your dash before you start the car and you’ll see a light that looks like a little battery with a “+” and “-” sign on it. This is your battery or charging light. What should you do if it comes on while you’re driving?... Read More

Car breakdown - What to do when you breakdown

Breakdown Guide – What to do when you’ve broken down on the roads Breaking down at the side of the road is a scenario that we all dread and pray that we will never experience, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. At Auto Solutions EK, we strongly recommended getting your car regularly serviced and getting your vehicle... Read More